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How to Identify Slab Leaks

The concrete foundation that provides support to floors or the one part that is between the house and ground is called a slab. A slab is also the part that separates your house and the top part of it if you live in an apartment. If some problems occur in your plumbing appliances, a slab leak may occur. A slab leak will arise if only leaking water penetrates the slab. When a slab leak is noticed, you should take immediate action because the structural integrity of the slab may be threatened. If the continuous water leaks happen on the slab, it might collapse in the future. Because a slab is made of concrete, the basement of the slab is the place where water collects to form a pool. Such pools are mostly found in areas such as between the slab and ground.

It is not easy to detect a slab leak. You can identify a pipe leak on a wall easy more than what you would do with a slab leak. Because detecting a slab leak is difficult, even repairing such leaks is not an easy job. You can know whether you have a slab leak without the help of a professional. Tips that can help you know whether you have a slab leak and in need of a slab leak repair are the one I will highlight in this guide.

Low water pressure is one of the things that can help you know you have a slab leak in your home. If your plumbing system has a problem, you will experience reduced water pressure always. It does not matter where the leaks have occurred. The water volume and pressure will reduce because if the water is pushed through the pipes it will exit prematurely through the leaks. If you notice a decrease in water pressure, you should call a plumber to help you identify the area that has leaks. You can also get a leak detection tulsa here.

If you find water puddles outside your house, it is a good sign that you may be experiencing slab leaks. Such a case will happen if the water seeps from the pipes, pass the slab and collect outside, at first you should not hurry to call a plumber because the water might be coming from outside sources. However, if the problem keeps happening daily, you should check whether you have slab leaks in your home. Floor cracks are other signs that can help you know you have slab leaks. You should call a plumber if you notice water seeping in the floor cracks. Learn more here:


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